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Madonna and celebrities join forces to save the planet

The global epidemic is a pandemic, bringing reflection to mankind. The famous American singer Madonna revealed for the first time yesterday that she was infected with new crown pneumonia during her concert in Paris last month, emphasizing that she has recovered. At the same time, she issued a joint letter with 200 celebrities, calling on countries to end unrestricted consumerism and thoroughly implement reforms after lifting the embargo, rather than just “restoring normalcy.”

  Since the outbreak, the 60-year-old Madonna has stayed in Paris at home for quarantine. From time to time, she published a “quarantine diary” on social media Instagram, making a report on the situation.

  Madonna revealed for the first time yesterday that during the Paris concert last month, she was infected with many artists in the same field. At first, she thought it was only severe flu, but reiterated that she has recovered and has antibodies in her body. Madonna revealed earlier that she had antibodies in her body, so she decided to go out and “breath the air” and attend a birthday party to provoke speculation.

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  Meanwhile, Madonna and Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro, Jane Fonda, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, a total of two hundred celebrities signed an open letter published, calls upon States to unblock After the measures, we must thoroughly implement changes and end unrestricted consumerism. She emphasized that only in this way can the earth be saved, not just to “restore normalcy” after the outbreak.

  The open letter described the new coronavirus epidemic as undoubtedly a global disaster, but it also gave humans the opportunity to “examine what is necessary”, warning that if the global ecosystem collapses, it will have unpredictable consequences. Madonna also pointed out that he has raised more than 8 billion US dollars for the development of vaccines with leaders of many countries, and he will donate 1.1 million US dollars.

  In addition, Madonna also revealed last month that three relatives and friends died of new crown pneumonia, describing the pain she felt at the time as a level 10 pain.

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