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Violation of travel restrictions ordered Panama police to detain 583 people in one day

A resident of Panama walked in front of the stationed police. AP

The National Police of Panama announced on Tuesday (5th) that a total of 583 people were arrested by the police on Monday (4th) for violating the government’s isolation measures against the epidemic, including 23 minors.

Earlier, the Panamanian government issued Administrative Decree No. 507, restricting people from traveling during the new crown epidemic. A total of 583 people were arrested during a non-designated time period in violation of the above-mentioned Decree in a single day. From a gender perspective, the majority of those who violated the measures were men, with a total of 469 men and 91 women.

In addition, a total of 64 vehicles violated the traffic restrictions during the epidemic in the same day. Among them, 13 vehicles were persuaded, 47 private cars and 4 taxis were hoisted and detained by the police.

The Panamanian government has announced that it will separate citizens by sex and go out on different days, each time limited to two hours, to reduce the rate of spread of new coronary pneumonia.

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