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Someone in Washington State organized a “New Crown Party” to get antibody immunization

Some people in the United States are looking forward to getting antibodies after getting infected, so a new crown party is held. schematic diagram

Some people in Washington State deliberately organized a “New Coronary Pneumonia Party”. Participants actively contacted patients and hoped that they would recover after getting sick and get immune antibodies.

Based on reports from The New York Times and Fox News, community health officials in Walla Walla County said the day before that such parties have become the latest source of infection in the local area, and there have been at least 2 such parties in a few weeks , 2 people were sick. The newly diagnosed patients admitted during the contact history that they contracted the disease because of attending such parties, and revealed that there were as many as 25 people on the scene.

Officials said that the two patients who were infected after the party were very young and did not need to be admitted to the hospital, and the two said to the medical staff that they felt that they could heal quickly and obviously did not consider that they might spread the virus to others, but now they know the error . Officials also criticized that those who participated in such parties were irresponsible and their actions were unacceptable. The authorities hoped to unblock the community as soon as possible, but if they found that the people did not comply with the social distance restrictions or even deliberately contacted the patients with the new coronavirus, the decision to unblock may be far away.

Local health officials said that assuming that 3 to 4 people were infected after attending such parties, and then each contacted 25 people, it meant that 100 people were exposed to the risk of infection. People at the party only want to build their own immunity, but they are unaware that the virus may enter the community.

The Wara Walla County Police Department Bieber (Scott Bieber) reminded the public that Governor Jay Inslee had issued a home order on March 23. Violation of the ban is illegal. The police will call the patient to confirm the violation. As a consequence of the home order, the police will refer the case to the prosecution department if it finds someone intentionally violating the rules.

Some health experts have said that the concept of the New Crown Virus Party may come from the previous “chickenpox party”. In the past, parents brought their children to such parties, and deliberately infected children who have not been vaccinated with chickenpox to gain immunity.

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