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The CDC said 19% of the respondents had used bleach to wash vegetables and fruits

CDC said that nearly 40% of the respondents had used at least one unrecommended method for disinfection. AP/schematic

To prevent new coronary pneumonia, many people will strengthen disinfection to avoid infection. Every teacher has different methods, but it is inevitable that he will use the wrong method. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a survey on the 5th and found that 39% of the respondents had used at least one method that was not recommended by the CDC for disinfection, including washing vegetables and fruits with bleach and inhaling the mist of disinfectant. 

The survey was conducted online in May, interviewing 502 adults over the age of 18 to understand their knowledge of household disinfectants during the outbreak. According to the report, 51% of the respondents strongly agree that they know how to clean or disinfect their homes safely, and another 31% agree with the relevant statement. 

The report also pointed out that 19% of the respondents had used bleach to wash foods such as vegetables and fruits in the past month; 18% of the respondents had used household cleaners to wash their hands or skin; 6% of the respondents had inhaled household cleaners or Mist of disinfectant; another 4% of the respondents each had consumed or swallowed diluted bleach or other disinfectant liquids. 

The CDC believes that the results reflect the need to promote more information and allow people to disinfect their homes in a safe way.

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