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Trump resumes campaign and rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the short term

Trump’s reputation has been declining, and his approval rating is far behind that of his opponent Biden. AP

US President Trump announced on Wednesday that he will resume a campaign rally in the short term to vote for the national election on November 3, led by Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is only more than four months away from the election, but it has been hit by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and anti-police riots and anti-racist demonstrations and riots in the past two weeks. Trump’s reputation has declined, and his support rate is far behind his opponent Biden. . He must seize less and less time and restore the decline.

When meeting with reporters at the White House, Trump said that he would announce a new location for the Republican Party to convene the National Party Congress in the short term, and then formally accept the nomination to represent the party for re-election. The Republican National Congress was originally scheduled to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina at the end of August. However, affected by the epidemic, the state government requested to reduce the size and strictly abide by social distance measures, prompting the Republican Party to find another city to meet.

Campaign advisers said the new location may be Jacksonville, Florida, but Trump revealed that Texas and Georgia cities are also on the list. According to the plan, after Trump resumes his campaign, the first rally will be held in Tulsa on the 19th of this month, followed by Florida, Texas and Arizona.

So far, Trump’s campaign office has not announced in detail how to conduct large-scale campaign rallies and close contact with voters in compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions and taking into account health. It is helpful for the election staff to believe that in the recent large-scale demonstrations, many people did not abide by the restraint order and social distance measures and still took to the streets, thus reducing Trump’s pressure in this regard.

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