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he U.S. is shocked by the “pneumonia hug”, the weird man hugs supermarket customers: you are also recruited

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, a total of 5,693,403 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed in the United States, and 176,645 people have died. At the time of the severe epidemic, a man in Massachusetts, USA, recently “hugged” strange customers everywhere in the supermarket, and left with a smile of “Now you are also infected with new coronary pneumonia”. The strange behavior caused many people to feel uneasy. .

The Massachusetts police pointed out that the case occurred on the evening of the 15th when a man in a local Walmart supermarket (Walmart) suddenly took away the items from other customers, gave him a hug, and said to the customer, “Just give you A pneumonia hug, now you are also infected with new coronary pneumonia”, which made many people panic.

This “hug stranger” even used the same technique to hug multiple customers present. The victim also said that he had never seen this man before. The police even published photos of the suspect on FB, calling on the public to contact the police if they have any relevant information and bring him to justice as soon as possible.

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