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Hurricane Laura landed in southern U.S. and killed 6 people

Category 4 hurricane “Laura” hit Louisiana, USA on August 27, local time. According to the National Hurricane Center, “Laura” has weakened into a tropical storm. Louisiana officials said that “Laura” has caused at least six deaths.

“Laura” landed on the coastal area of ​​western Louisiana with strong winds of 240 kilometers per hour. It was the strongest local storm that landed in this area in 150 years. Nearly 1 million homes in Texas and Louisiana had no electricity. The Louisiana Department of Health said on social networking sites that more than 220,000 residents are facing disruptions to the water supply system.

In addition, more than 1.5 million people in coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana received evacuation orders. According to reports, the extent of the damage caused by the hurricane cannot be fully known until the wind weakens, the storm surge recedes, and residents and officials can investigate the disaster.

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